SYMMed therapy

Radiofrequency diathermy

RADIOFREQUENCY DIATHERMY causes an increase in temperature in the internal tissues, due to an oscillating radiofrequency current (in the D'Arsonval 0.5 Mhz band) passing through and generating heat. Applied through contact with the skin, using capacitive and resistive electrodes, it activates the metabolism of the tissue and stimulates the blood flow and lymphatic circulation in very specific areas of the body.

The electrode used is covered by an insulating material. This electrode is the active one and is the first plate. The second plate is the skin tissue itself. The circuit is closed with a second electrode known as the neutral or return electrode. The energy and its subsequent increase in temperature lead to a sequential process that can be summarised in three phases:
1) Introduction, deepening and transformation of the energy.
2) Increase in temperature and ascension to the surface.
3) Transmission of the temperature to the electrode.

In this case the electrode used is not insulated. This means that the current is transmitted to a greater depth and, at the same time, prevents the heat from dispersing. The circuit is closed with a second electrode known as the neutral or return electrode.

The objective of HPC virtual mesotherapy and how it works

The objective of the HPC virtual mesotherapy

The objective of HPC virtual mesotherapy is to increase the amount and depth of the penetration of substances into the skin, so that the active principles of the functional cosmetics can reach the interior part of the cell..

How the HPC virtual mesotherapy works

HPC virtual mesotherapy is the energy produced by the modulation of the capacitive radiofrequency diathermy, which acts on the lipid structures of cells and tissues, producing molecular changes in the constituent lipids and thereby increasing their permeability. This then means that the active principles of our cosmetics can reach the interior part of the cells and act with maximum effectiveness.

Biomodulation heads

The capacity to produce an adequate response in the tissue does not only depend on how the electromagnetic signal is produced, but is also determined by the characteristics of the heads used. That is why the R+D team at Termosalud has designed several electrodes with different electromagnetic signal transfer modalities, which provide differentiated responses to the SYMMed stimulus. The equipment has several models with different diameters.

CAPACITIVE or high impedance ELECTRODES. 
These are used for treating superficial tissue with high water content. These heads are coated with a biocompatible material that allows the radiofrequency signal to be transferred to the tissue safely and effectively. The result is that the heat is diffused immediately and deeply thereby activating the circulation in soft tissues.
Capacitive electrode

RESISTIVE or low impedance ELECTRODES.   
These electrodes have been designed to have a deep effect on the fibro connective tissue and to reactivate the natural metabolic processes.
The current is transferred at a greater depth than in the previous case, so the heat reaches the fatty, and fibrotic tissue.
Resistive electrode

Functional cosmetics

The objective of the functional cosmetics is to reduce the skin's resistance and make it easier for the electrode to slide over the skin to boost the effects of the treatment.

We have 3 cosmetics, which are all suitable for treating specific problems. Thanks to the HPC virtual mesotherapy, the active principles of all the cosmetics can reach the interior part of the cells where they have maximum effect. These products also have the capacity to create the conditions necessary to mobilise the electrolytes present in the tissues.

Anti-cellulite / Lipolytic functional cosmetic
This activates the enzymes responsible for mobilising the fatty acids of the adipocyte, burning accumulated fat and improving lipolysis; it stimulates the fibroblasts, produces the formation of collagen and increases the resistance capacity of the newly formed tissue.
Firming functional cosmetic
This increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, making it more flexible; it acts like a self-defence mechanism against all the signs of skin aging and helps the synthesis of collagen and cell renewal.
Anti-aging / Tonifying functional cosmetic
This reconstructs the fibres that support the tissues of the skin; it prevents premature ageing, because it increases the resistance of the cells against the effect of the free radicals, and it keeps the skin in a perfect state of hydration and elasticity.
Functional cosmetics
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