Effects of the SYMMed therapy


By combining the most advanced medical-beauty technology, following treatment protocols designed for each case and using a range of specific cosmetics, it is possible to achieve multiple and significant effects:


it aids and increases the breakdown of fats in the adipose tissue, thanks to the effect of the lipolytic enzymes that reduce the adipocytes and increase the metabolism of fats.


thanks to the deep effect it has on tissues and its capacity to reactivate the natural metabolic processes.


due to the contraction, stimulation and recovery of the structure of the collagen fibres.


that is based on several responses:

  • It decreases the metabolic waste of cells, like glycosylated and oxidised proteins, which are the main cause of aging as they prevent the formation of collagen.
  • It increases the proteasomic system, which breaks down abnormal proteins or those damaged in the cells.
  • It increases the resistance of cells to the agents responsible for aging, like ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and UVB rays.
  • It stimulates the antioxidant enzymes.


as it stimulates the blood and lymphatic microcirculation systems.



  • It accelerates cell mitosis and helps skin to heal.
  • It develops the restructuring of collagen and neocollagenosis.
  • It stimulates cell renewal.


it has a soothing effect on the nerve endings and this then relaxes the muscle fibres and, consequently, reduces tension.

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